an offshoot of hummingbird research coaching and consulting, llc, the mindful spot is the place where you find movement in stillness, calm in action, and spontaneity in logic. for some of us, we think of yogis and meditators as peace-loving, tree-hugging folks who move at a gentler, slower pace, and psychology as lying on a couch. for those of us who consider ourselves… Read more →


the body holds all our anxieties and worries. when we strengthen our bodies, we strengthen our minds and our capabilities. when we strengthen our minds, we strengthen our skills and our bodies. communication we specialize in helping you to find your voice, your personal brand and mission, and your confidence to speak in any situation. shakti our women’s retreats are not your… Read more →


dr. belinda chiu believes in the power of play, the intentional life, and the importance of not to taking anything too seriously. she’s known for her directness, honesty, and humor to push people to think harder, work smarter, and relate better. combining her experience as a coach and facilitator with her strategic and research expertise, she merges the impossible with the practical. her… Read more →