let’s play

the leadership the planet needs is grounded in compassion and the intraconnectedness of all things. it is the leadership that integrates the internal and external worlds to generate a happy, healthier planet.

when we strengthen our connection with entire ecosystem, we strengthen our spirits. when we strengthen our spirits, we strengthen our bodies. when we strengthen our bodies, we strengthen our minds. when we strengthen our minds, we strengthen our capacities to contribute positively to and serve that which is around us.

an offshoot of hummingbird research coaching and consulting, the mindful spot is the place where you find movement in stillness, calm in action, and spontaneity in logic.

for many, we compartmentalize our lives – we’re hard-charging stressballs at work and go-with-the-flow seekers of enlightenment after hours. we live in concrete jungles to earn money to respite in the woods. we put on our very-serious-faces to hide our childlike sense of humor.

the mindful spot is for anyone who has a hunch that to be truly productive, to live fully, and to maximize our opportunities and talents, we must align the head, the heart, the body, and the world around us. living authentically begins when we find the quiet to be heard, the courage to take up space, and the fortitude to be in joy.

let’s play.

relational forest therapy

re-establishing relationships with the ecosystem for generative action through evidence-based relational forest therapy, rooted in shinrin-yoku (read more here)

yoga, meditation, & reiki

cultivating physical & mental agility through mindbody strength-training & transformation

retreats & gatherings

(re)discovering & (re)energizing from the inside out through integrated professional & personal practices