the body holds all our anxieties and worries. when we strengthen our bodies, we strengthen our minds and our capabilities. when we strengthen our minds, we strengthen our skills and our bodies.


we specialize in helping you to find your voice, your personal brand and mission, and your confidence to speak in any situation.


our women’s retreats are not your typical kind of retreat. all activities are designed to boost confidence, rediscover core strengths, and re-energize from the inside out.

with some of the best instructors in their field, small groups of women from all walks of life and ages convene for group and individualized professional coaching, communications workshops, yoga, meditation, mindbody healing, as well as a photo session by a professional photographer. previous retreats have included improv workshops, reiki, craniosacral therapy, professional headshots, Gallup StrengthsFinder assessments, vision boarding, and guided meditation.


our strengths-based yoga explores your own character and talent strengths. depending on your needs, we cultivate those areas you want to strengthen through yoga and physical movement.

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