an offshoot of hummingbird research coaching and consulting, llc, the mindful spot is the place where you find movement in stillness, calm in action, and spontaneity in logic.

for some of us, we think of yogis and meditators as peace-loving, tree-hugging folks who move at a gentler, slower pace, and psychology as lying on a couch.

for those of us who consider ourselves yogis and meditators, we often compartmentalize our lives – we’re hard-charging stressballs at work and go-with-the-flow seekers of enlightenment after hours.

the mindful spot is for anyone who has a hunch that to be truly productive, to live fully, and to maximize our opportunities and talents, we must align the head and the heart personally and professionally. living authentically begins when we can find the quiet to be heard and the core confidence within to be powerful.


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